Rexton House Nursery School

The School is now closed and is no longer trading

In the nurseries we are following the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage Framework 2012 for learning, development and care for children. Our weekly themed topics are planned with these as reference and are displayed in the nursery for your perusal. Daily activities and routines promote achieving the Early Learning Goals.

We also operate a key person group system which involves one member of staff being responsible for a certain number of children.  They plan small group activities for their Key children which ensure continuity and progression of learning.  Records of the children’s attainments and staff observations are kept and referred to when planning said activities.

The groups generally work towards the following outcomes:

Group 1 – Hand Control including cutting, sticking, painting and pencil control.  Building vocabulary, listening skills and concentration.  Introducing shapes, colours and concepts such as opposites, hard/ soft etc.  Building interest in others’ play, forming friendships and playing in a group.

Group 2 – Continuing hand control activities, re-enforcing the above concepts and if children are ready introducing recognition of numbers 1-5 and counting small amounts. Introduce letter sound recognition of c o a d h m t and building early phonic skills.

Group 3 – Re-enforcing the above and when ready introduce free writing of numbers, letters and writing own name.  Introducing recognition and sequencing of  6-10 and continuing with the introduction of other letter sounds and phonic skills.  Encourage drawing representative pictures.

Group 4 – Re-enforcing the above.  If ready introduce recognition and sequencing of numbers 10-20. Practise simple number operations 1-10 and building of three-letter phonic words.  Continuing practising forming and writing numbers, letters, names and simple words.  Encourage giving meaning to the marks and drawings they make. Introduce rhyming words.

To assist in teaching the above, the Montessori equipment and materials are used along with traditional nursery methods.  If children are ready we will introduce a reading scheme.
We would appreciate any observations or comments from yourselves about your child’s attainments and achievements at home.  Please write them down and return them with your child’s work folder to enable us to add the information to our records.