Rexton House Nursery School

The School is now closed and is no longer trading

1.Q) How long per day are key person group times?
A) 30 minutes per day, which includes practical activities  not just formal activities.  One of the characteristics of learning for children, is that it is active and doing learning for children.  Montessori teaching equipment and other resources are used to promote children’s learning and development during these sessions.
2. Q) Why cover the same themes again?
A) It was explained that the themes were used to develop children’s learning for their different stages.  For example, with the younger children fairy stories are to promote concentration, listening skills, increasing vocabulary etc, where as with the older children they become more involved with recall, acting out roles, following how a story is made up i.e. a beginning, middle and end.  Also using Goldilocks and the three bears as an example discussing is it right to enter somebody else’s home without being asked.  Should we break other people’s property?  Talking about sizes, small, medium, large, numbers i.e. 3, and textures and tastes of porridge (sweet, sour, what does just right mean?)
3. Q) How the daily routines and activities cover all 7 areas of learning of the EYFS? 
A) The touch screen table is an example for how we extend and develop children’s learning and not just for playing games on.  The children use the table for looking up information, such as, when a child wanted to know about wolves from a story they looked up information from the internet. Snack and cooking activities are used to focus on healthy eating,  physical activities for body awareness, games and the daily calendar help with learning numbers and letters.
4.  Q) How do we know our child's key person ?
A) There are notices on both the upstairs and downstairs room doors providing this information.  
5. Q) How do we know what the children have done during the week?
 A) Weekly emails are sent advising parents of activities carried out/planned to do and a reminder of the next week's theme. Each child has a folder, in which their work is placed. These should be emptied each week to enable parents to have discussions with their children about their learning at home. 
6. Q) What qualifications do Rexton’s staff hold?
A) Please see relevant pages on the website regarding individual Nursery Staff at each site.
7. Q) Do we differentiate between gender teaching? 
A) We do not differentiate the way we teach boys and girls but do differentiate for each individual child's needs.  We deal with behaviour management by praising appropriate behaviour and do not give attention to inappropriate behaviour.  This does not mean we ignore it, we explain that it is not acceptable in an even manner and take the child away from the situation to calm down and reflect.