Rexton House Nursery School

The School is now closed and is no longer trading

Rexton House Nursery School offers the Free Entitlement to two, three and four year old children.

Rexton House Nursery School mixes both Montessori and traditional nursery methods. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) aims were to develop self-reliance and the personality of the child by allowing him/her to work on his/her own. Our daily routine consists of key worker group sessions and independent working by the children, thus encouraging free expression and giving them the ability to think for themselves.

Children are given freedom of choice of material and individual guidance enables them to work happily and at their own pace. We encourage the children to be courteous and to develop social and personal skills by applying the Montessori theories of “practical life” and by interpreting these in the light of today’s needs.

We provide opportunities for the children to develop their physical skills and co-ordination, and once a week we have specialist teachers for Super Soccer, Music and early French sessions.

We introduce the children to books, music, paints and other creative materials. Language and Literacy is taught by phonic sounds and small script. Mathematics is taught using both amounts and numerals. In addition, we give the children an opportunity to play in a constructive and imaginative way. Our curriculum, therefore, is wide and varied and covers the Foundation Stage required by the Department for Education and Employment. We are registered to accept Government funding.

We also organise trips to various destinations in keeping with the nursery curriculum. Parental consent will be required and all parents are welcome to attend. Photos of our recent trips are displayed in our gallery.
The nursery implements a policy in which the children learn about other cultures. Our aim is to develop their respect and tolerance for race and religion. Girls and boys are treated equally and given equal access to all activities and appropriate responsibilities. We would respectfully encourage our parents to accept and compliment this policy outside the nursery.